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            Tel:86-412-3773229     3773560?
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            Talent advantage

            Beihai Group strongly believes that human resources and accumulated knowledge are most critical components to ensure sustainable competitiveness. Human resources department mission is to induct smoothly new hires, provide them regularly with career development trainings. Our strong corporate culture promotes a harmonious working environment, team spirit and personal development. People come first: we work as a group and share the same values and objectives.

            At present, the company employs over 3000 persons of which 170 undergraduates, 263 of junior college graduates, 39 engineers and 467 various technicians. 

            The group actively manages an ambitious recruitment plan to meet its development objectives. Top quality managers, R&D scientists and technicians are key elements for technology excellence and sustainable competitiveness. Beihai group is taking all necessary steps to attract and develop talented people. 

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