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Chairman's words

The company grew from a small talc processing factory founded in 1987 into a fully integrated mining group. Activities range from mineral exploration to market development through state of the art mining and processing. Beihai opened a new business segment every five years to achieve the ambitious strategic objectives: rapid expansion, continuous improvement, technical excellence and striving for perfection.

During its first two decades, Beihai Group developed from a new talc industry entrant into the largest producer in Asia. Through wise investing in product development, production technology and sale organization, the company met its initial objectives. Rapidly it diversified in new minerals and bulk bags manufacturing. 

Over the next 11 years, through mine acquisition, capacity expansion and workforce development Beihai Group met his increasing customer base requirements. Better products were introduced thanks to state of the art technology. Automated talc sorting facilities and high talc filling plastic master batching were too of the most important achievements. Quality standards continuously improved. 

Beihai group wholeheartedly subscribes to the National Development Strategy: increase mining resources utilization and minimize environmental impact. Behai group is committed to develop innovative technology to achieving this decisive objective. It has already engaged in landscaping, water treatment, restoration and revegetation works. We will set the highest standards for environmental friendly mining and processing.

Thanks to ambitious objectives, cutting-edge technology, team spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence, Beihai Group will continue to provide any service our customers may require and make every effort to meet their demands. We want to continue developing mutually profitable business relations and make Behai group the internationally preferred supplier.

    Chairman Jin Hongyan