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Startup Period

1979  Established the company (Haicheng Pailou Town Small Stone Powder Factory)?

1987  Established the Haicheng No.2 Stone Powder Factory

               With 1 single grinding mill


1993  Established the Haicheng Beihai Superfine Stone Powder Co., Ltd.?

                   Started to produce fine grind talc grades

1995  Established the Haicheng Jintian Premium Stone Powder Co., Ltd.

                With 9processing mills and 1 talc mine

1998  ISO9001:1994 certification

Higher value added manufacturing

1999  Established the Haicheng Meirun Chemical Co., Ltd.

                         Started the ultra fine talc processing for Plastic reinforcing applications

2001  Established the Haicheng Beihai Container Co., Ltd.

                         Started the production and sales of flexible containers.

                         Established the Yangjiadian Industrial Park.

                         Developed in-house ultra fine Calcium carbonate processing technology.

2004  ISO9001:2000 certification

                   Established the Haicheng Tianyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

2006  Established the Haicheng Beihai Chemical Co., Ltd.

                         Talc floatation beneficiation

2009  ISO9001:2008 certification

                   Caustic Calcined Magnesia plant construction

2010  Added for ultra fine talc production mills

               24 flexible package production tools

               Acquired 6 talc mines

               Acquired 1 calcite mine

               Acquired 1 Magnesite mine

               Acquired 1 silica mine

               Acquired 1 fluorite mine

2011 Talc calcination plant commissioned

               Established the Xiuyan Manzhu Autonomous County Shihu Macromolecule Co., Ltd. (Calcium Carbonate)

               Introduced calcium Carbonate fine processing technology

2013 Joint venture with Shandong Chenming Paper Company: Haicheng Haiming Mine Co., Ltd.

               Investment in varied Magnesia processing equipment

2014 Established the Haicheng Beihai Materials Co., Ltd.

               In house R&D and processing equipment manufacturing.

2015 Processing mills installed reaches 67

               12 Talc fine processing mills added

                   42 container production machines commissioned

               13 Talc mines acquired

               3 Calcite mines acquired

               2 Magnesite mines acquired

               1 Silica mine acquired

               1 Fluorite mine acquired

               1 Soapstone mine acquired

               2 Dolomite mines acquired

2016 Established the Ximu Talc Master Batch Industrial Park in 2016

               Added 14 talc master batch production lines

                   Established South Korea Office