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Advanced equipment


Beihai has been procuring top quality equipment for all its subsidiaries. It also developed its own mechanical workshop which manufactures machinery engineered in house for the specific company needs. This dual approach ensures quality and competitiveness. Today the group operates 67 mills for talc and calcium carbonate, 20 master batch lines, 32 bulk bags production lines, 16 caustic magnesia calciners, and 14 water treatment plants. Beihai is a world leader in terms of processing capability: It can now produce nanominerals. 

Automatic packing system

Automatic packing system for talc master batch bagging: 8t/h capacity

Ultra fine talc line

Used for production of various talc grades for master batch filling: capacity 6,000 t/y.

Vertical Roller Mill

400 to 1000 mesh talc grades.  Capacity: 4 to 12t/h.

Dry compactor

increases fine powder bulk density to 0.5-0.8 g/l.

Jet mill

1250 to 8000 mesh talc grades. Capacity: 1 to 3 t/h (Netzsch CGS -150 Germany).

Cage classifier

eliminate all oversize to produce ultra sharp top cut.

Screw Extruder

Polypropylene pellets for Flexible Intermediate Bag Containers (FIBC).

Fabric Looms

Beihai group can produce any fabric according to customer specifications production rate: 40-50 m/h.