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            Mine resource

            Mineral resources condition any mining company development potential.

            Securing large quality resources for the longer term future has been a top priority for Beihai since inception.

            Currently, Beihai Group has acquired exploration and mining rights for 26 ore bodies, talc: 14; soapstone: 1; calcite: 4; magnesite: 3; quartz: 1; fluorite: 1; dolomite: 2. 

            Beihai extensive exploration work has delineated substantial quality resources. Recent estimates by expert (JORC competent person) are as follows:

            Talc:      45 Mio Tons

            Carbonates:        55 Mio Tons

            Other minerals:  50 Mio Tons

            The group mines 1.85 Mio Tons per year both underground and in open pits.

            Talc: 0.8  million tons

            Carbonates: 0.7  million tons

            Other: 0.35  million tons 

            Mineral production includes various grades of talc, calcite, magnesite, dolomite, silica, soapstone and fluorite

            To maximize crude recovery and optimize product quality Beihai group mines selectively and operate sorting facilities for further beneficiation. This tightly controlled system provides multiple consistent crudes

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