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talcum master batch



Product introduction:

Founded in 1999, Haicheng Meirun Chemical Co., Ltd. produces innovative surface treating agents and talc filled high performance master batches. Through multiple years of research and development on the resin carrier and the talc filler, the companys products have reached a leading level in the industry. Sales developed rapidly over 100,000 tons per year. 

High filling high performance master batches are widely used in automotive and domestic appliance industries. The products are also sold in the USA, Europe and Southeastern Asia.

Talc filling greatly enhances Polypropylene mechanical properties: heat distortion temperature, tensile strength and flex modulus. High filling talc master batches drastically improve PP production process: dust free environment, easy feeding, higher production rates and reduced machine wear, better filler dispersion and PP mechanical performances.  

Beihai group also offers high-filling functional, low odor, scratch resistant master batches as well as calcium carbonate master batches.