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            Talcum Powder

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            Product introduction:

            Haicheng No.2 Stone Powder Factory, Haicheng Jintian Premium Stone Powder Co., Ltd., Haicheng Beihai Superfine Stone Powder Co., Ltd. and Haicheng Beihai Chemical Co., Ltd. are Beihai Group primary production platforms of 200-8000 mesh talc and with a total capacity exceeding 500,000 tons per year, which is the largest production base in Asia. Beihai group provides an extensive product range: fineness, brightness, high density compacted powders. It guaranties physical and chemical properties consistency and the absence of any contaminant: asbestos, scrap metal or wood. A substantial part of the production is exported to over 30 countries worldwide.

            Ultra fine compacted grades provide high bulk density and low dust emissions. They greatly facilitate handling and shipping introduction in the customer process.

            The products are used in many industries such as engineered plastics, cosmetics, paints and coatings, paper, rubber, ceramics and insulation materials.

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