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Industry dynamics

  • 14 2017-11

    Management measures for the exploration and mining rights and the price of the m......

    Article 1 in order to maintain state ownership of mineral resources, strengthen the prospecting and mining royalties and price management, on the basis of the "People's Republic of China mineral resources law" and the "mineral resources. Check block registration management measures", "registration o......

  • 12 2017-11

    Calcium carbonate excessive homogenization, three breaking

    At present, the development of various regions and enterprises in calcium carbonate industry is very uneven. The overall performance of the calcium carbonate industry is excessive production and serious homogenization of products. Faced with such a severe industry situation, industry experts believe......

  • 10 2017-11

    The present situation and development prospect of China's Talc industry

    The development of China's industry of talc can be roughly divided into three stages: 60-70 in the last century for the initial formation stage, mainly in the production of talc mining artificial simple, productivity is very low; from 80 to 90s as the fast rising stage, the industrial characteristic......

  • 08 2017-11

    The calcium carbonate industry should start with the elimination of backwardness......

    In recent years, China's calcium carbonate products structural overcapacity problems, the product structure is not reasonable, the TSP excess capacity, and the special nano calcium, calcium still needs to be imported. The overall shortage of technical innovation ability in industry leads to low grad......

  • 05 2017-11

    Analysis of the current talcum industry

    Since this year, the overall operation of the talc industry in China has been running smoothly. The three key enterprises in Liaoning, Shandong and Guangxi have a strong momentum of development and considerable economic benefits. The problems of the current industry are as follows: (1) the output of......

  • 05 2017-11

    Second public bidding for the 2015 talcum block (powder) export quota

    The second public bidding for the export quota of talcum block (powder) in 2015 will begin in July 15, 2015. According to the relevant provisions of the bidding rules for export commodity quotas and the detailed rules for the implementation of export quotas for industrial products ([2001]626), the r......