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Liaoning beihai industry (group) co. LTD Description of acceptance of water and soil conservation schemes
Source: | Author:beihaigroup | Published time: 2019-02-01 | 3541 Views | Share:

Supervision unit: liaoning baiyuan engineering technology co., LTD., supervision unit: liaoning tianyu consulting service co., LTD., accepted the water and soil conservation plan of malyu talc mine of liaoning beihai industry (group) co., LTD., and held an inspection meeting on October 30, 2018.

Liaoning beihai industry (group) co. LTD

February 1, 2019

1. Monitoring design

The cover;Malyu monitoring report
2. Acceptance design
Acceptance report on water and soil conservation of the talc mine construction project in majeryu, haicheng city
3. Appraisal report

Flood control and drainage works;Temporary protective works;Land improvement project acceptance visa;Slope protection works;Vegetation construction project