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The calcium carbonate industry should start with the elimination of backwardness and the upgrading of the grade
Source: | Author:beihaigroup | Published time: 2017-11-08 | 1761 Views | Share:

In recent years, China's calcium carbonate products structural overcapacity problems, the product structure is not reasonable, the TSP excess capacity, and the special nano calcium, calcium still needs to be imported. The overall shortage of technical innovation ability in industry leads to low grade of product, less famous brand, great pressure of environmental protection, and heavy task of energy saving and emission reduction. To solve these problems, "13th Five-Year" during the period of calcium carbonate industry must from the elimination of backward production capacity, promote clean production and development of high value-added products and other aspects, and further optimize the product structure, improve the ability of technological innovation, promote the industry to specialization, refinement, function, scale development, and strive to achieve the overall goal of the world calcium carbonate power.

Eliminating backward production capacity to realize transformation and upgrading

At present, China's production capacity of light calcium balance and calcium carbonate production capacity has been a surplus. In addition, the domestic nanometer active calcium 2500~3000 yuan / ton is only half the price of the imported products. All these reflect the urgency of adjusting the structure of domestic calcium carbonate.
Therefore, the "13th Five-Year" period of calcium carbonate industry should strictly control market access, capacity sprawl, light output should be controlled within 10 million tons, the annual growth rate remained at less than 3%, the new enterprise size should be controlled at 50 thousand tons; the phasing out of the monomer size of 30 thousand tons of enterprises, completely out of the soil kiln. The old technology of solid-liquid separation is phased out, all automated centrifuges are used, the suspended centrifuges are eliminated, the level of industrial automation and intelligence is improved, and enterprises that produce low-end products based on nano calcium are cleaned up and rectified.

In order to realize the order and retreat of the enterprise, the new project should be restricted from the scale of the single set, the technical level, the energy consumption of material consumption and the safety and environmental protection.

To speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, we should increase penalties for safety and environmental protection, and speed up shutting down or deadline for rectification of enterprises that do not meet the requirements of scale, technology and safety. Enterprises should be encouraged to merge and reorganize to make them develop towards the direction of collectivization, scale and park, to further optimize the allocation of resources and improve the degree of industrial concentration.

Developing circular economy and popularizing clean production

"13th Five-Year" period, calcium carbonate industry through resource recycling and conservation, with minimal resource consumption, minimum pollution, to maximize the benefit. Hebei Jingxing create "China magnesium village", Chinese Lianzhou mine industry demonstration base, Jiangxi Yongfeng new material industrial park and calcium carbonate deep processing of city eco industrial parks and a number of circular economy demonstration enterprises, built the recycling of clean production, waste utilization, water reuse and other six systems, the development of circular economy will be gradually incorporated into the legal system track.

Energy conservation is an important work in the development of circular economy, "13th Five-Year" period, coal consumption of tons of products of calcium carbonate industry does not exceed 190 kg (including drying and calcination), power consumption does not exceed 100 kwh, ore consumption does not exceed 1300 kg.  To screen the promotion of a number of advanced and mature technology, the implementation of technological transformation to improve energy efficiency and clean production, comprehensive utilization of resources, energy saving and emission reduction, and effectively solve the large ore mining, ore picks a small problem, the introduction of new technology development, and effectively improve the comprehensive utilization rate of mine. We should increase financial support for the development of circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction and cleaner production, and strive to transform industries from resource dependent and extensive operation to quality and efficiency.

The seriousness of the product and the joint downstream

The principle of both light and heavy will become a trend in the development of calcium carbonate industry. To "13th Five-Year" at the end, light calcium high value-added functional products will reach 4 million tons, the total ratio reached more than 35%, the average growth rate of more than 20% TSP; average annual growth rate should be controlled within 1.5%, from the angle of the upgrading of products and effective use of resources of tsp.

According to the principle of light and heavy, we should develop the high-end products to meet the demand of the market, guide the enterprises to concentrate on the resources rich areas, and constantly improve the industrial concentration. The calcium carbonate industry should combine with plastics, paper and coatings industry to tackle key problems, improve the quality of finished products, make high-end products occupy the market, and low-end products withdraw from the market. In addition, the calcium carbonate industry should continue to optimize the export product structure, industry chain and value chain from low-end to high-end, focusing on the development of non-woven fabrics, PVC plastic pipe, plastic masterbatch, paper printing ink, medicine toothpaste calcium, fine ceramics, polymer materials and other high-tech projects, to ensure the sustained and healthy development of calcium carbonate industry.