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Calcium carbonate excessive homogenization, three breaking
Source: | Author:beihaigroup | Published time: 2017-11-12 | 1815 Views | Share:

At present, the development of various regions and enterprises in calcium carbonate industry is very uneven. The overall performance of the calcium carbonate industry is excessive production and serious homogenization of products. Faced with such a severe industry situation, industry experts believe that we must take the three aspects of strengthening cost control, accelerating transformation and upgrading and changing the formation mode of industrial chain to get rid of the difficult position. 2015 national day before the calcium carbonate industry's annual meeting gave us information.

To reduce costs, to encourage mergers and acquisitions

According to Tao Lianyin, Deputy Secretary General of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, this year, calcium carbonate industry is experiencing an increase in production and consumption, and the embarrassment in the sharp drop in profits. Some enterprises face the plight of weak market demand, lower price and delay in return. In the face of the severe industry situation, the calcium carbonate enterprises should try to reduce the production cost, improve the quality and increase the efficiency.
Tao Lianyin believes that the conditional enterprises should use information technology to transform the process process and gradually realize the intelligent control of production. In addition, the enterprise can also work hard on the process.  With the increasing demand for material fineness in the downstream enterprises, nanoscale ultrafine powders are becoming more and more popular with customers.  However, the energy consumption of ultrafine process is higher than that of ordinary technology. Therefore, optimizing the ultrafine process and reducing the energy consumption during the grinding process can reduce the cost as a whole.
Liu Shuwen, chairman of the calcium carbonate industry branch of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, believes that production enterprises should transfer to resources to reduce transportation costs. He believes that for CaCO3 enterprises, the final competition is also attributed to resources. Therefore, enterprises should go out and seek development and reduce transport costs in many areas with vast resources.  Or encourage the large enterprises of the dominant backbone to make the enterprises bigger and stronger through joint reorganization and so on, and finally achieve the purpose of reducing the cost and increasing the income.

Opening up a new type of downstream and accelerating the transformation and upgrading

Experts believe that reducing cost is an issue on stock. If the industry wants to get rid of the dilemma of profit decline, it should also make an incremental approach, namely, developing new downstream and expanding the overall demand of the industry.
Hu Yongqi, the vice president of Hebei University Of Science and Technology and leader of the expert group of calcium and magnesium branch of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, thinks that the main reason for the market price war is the overcapacity of calcium carbonate industry and the homogenization of products. Therefore, the products of our country should be developed in the direction of refinement and functionalization, and the added value of products should be improved. For example, through the surface modification of the existing low-end products, the calcium carbonate with special crystal form will be filled into plastic, improve the performance of plastics, and so on, so as to avoid homogenization competition through differentiation strategy.
Liu Shuwen in an interview said that the PCC production will be eliminated sooner or later, enterprises should pay more attention to the research of tsp. TSP is low carbon, environmental protection type typical non-metallic mineral products, therefore, in the process of transformation and upgrading, to further increase the proportion of TSP application will be the inevitable trend.
China building materials group Hefei Cement Design Institute senior engineer Qin Guangchao introduction, coarse whiting powder instead of light calcium powder to speed up the pace of foreign developed countries, GCC and PCC application ratio of 4:1, and the application of the domestic proportion is 1:1. from the aspect of production, also a lot less TSP pollution sources than light calcium, and the production cost is also advantage. He expects the GCC market prospects gratifying, the price also will show a rising trend.

Conversion of industrial chain and elimination of excess capacity

The formation process of calcium carbonate industry chain is based on the traditional industry development mode, namely, first mining, powder production, and then external sales products, or when the powder supply is sufficient, the downstream enterprises of powder application will be introduced. The traditional mode of industrial homeopathic development has caused the problems of overcapacity in some regions, low price competition of products and poor innovation ability of enterprises.
Tong Zhang Fa, a professor of chemistry and chemical engineering, Guangxi University, thinks that calcium carbonate enterprises should transform the formation mode of industrial chain, take the market as the center, and transform the traditional "production, supply and marketing mode" to "trans production mode". He believed that the production enterprises of the downstream products should be introduced first, and then the production of calcium carbonate was planned according to the production needs. He also suggested that enterprises with conditions should form an industrial chain to make the production of products linked together, eliminate excess capacity, and maximize profits. Guangxi Suyuan Investment Group Co., the main industry, according to the needs of a large number of real estate to paint, to mine needed for the production of heavy calcium carbonate.